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This amounts to a bit of a watershed. Arethusa Farm Dairy on Chapel Street - which sells ice cream and other assorted dairy products made from farm-fresh milk of their Litchfield, Connecticut cows - sells an expertly textured (rich but not indulgent), perfectly sweetened (presenting as the dessert it is without growing cloying) chocolate milk.

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An increase in chocolate milk availability in schools has been shown to positively influence student milk consumption, contributing to higher overall milk intake among students. Encourages picky eaters to consume milk. Provides essential nutrients in a tasty way. Increases calcium intake for stronger bones.

Milk RayLin Dairy

To Drink. Milk is getting a makeover: 8 ounces of low-fat and fat-free varieties of chocolate milk served in schools will have 38 percent less added sugar than before and only 31 more calories than its white milk counterpart . The made-over flavored milk will have around 130 calories and 22 grams of sugar per carton.

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In some schools, banning flavored milk created a new problem: food waste. In 2011, public schools in Los Angeles, California, stopped serving chocolate milk. About 236 gallons of plain milk went to waste every week. That waste was reduced by 75 percent after the district brought back chocolate milk in 2016.

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Chocolate milk has been one of those factors in the high caloric intake of children." As for his personal opinion, Harris says he supports having chocolate milk in schools for nutritional purposes.

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If you stir just 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup (or sweetened cocoa powder) into skim milk, you're only adding about 7 extra grams of sugar and 35 calories. That's very reasonable, and your.

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Plain and flavored milk include three out of the four nutrients of concern for kids: calcium, vitamin D and potassium. Check out more reasons why chocolate milk is a good choice: Kids need the nutrients. Milk drinkers meet their needs for calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A much quicker than non-milk drinkers.

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In these schools, chocolate milk was still available. These elementary school students wasted an average of 31.7% of the milk they took. This suggests that eliminating chocolate milk can increase total milk waste by 29.4% (p<0.001; Figure 3). Based on this finding, for each additional carton of white milk taken, an additional $0.02 was thrown.

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Topics: chocolate, milk, sugars. As pediatricians and professors dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity, we were disappointed by the March 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics' Policy Statement on "Snacks, Sweetened Beverages, Added Sugars, and Schools." 1 The American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Nutrition and Council.

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The arguments for serving chocolate milk in schools include its potential to provide essential nutrients, encourage dairy consumption, and offer a familiar and enjoyable beverage option for students. The arguments against serving chocolate milk in schools focus on its high sugar content and potential negative impact on children's health and.

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Learn about the chocolate milk pros and cons for kids so you can make the best decision for your family. Given all the publicity around sugar-laden drinks, high fructose corn syrup and unhealthy weight in kids, offering chocolate milk to your child can be a confusing prospect.. When it is pulled out of schools, overall milk consumption drops.

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Surely, there are some pros and cons of chocolate milk and if you are wondering what standpoint you should take, as a proponent or critic, then you have to delve into the details in an objective manner.. There are studies that have proven an increase in consumption of milk when it is chocolate milk served in schools. 3. Great recovery drink.

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In today's Living Well video, Dr. Keith Loud, director of the Center for Active Adolescent Health at Akron Children's Hospital, weighs the pros and cons of having chocolate milk available in schools.

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Chocolate milk is rich in calcium — the main mineral present in your bones. Dairy is the biggest source of dietary calcium in the United States and Canada — providing around 72% of the average.

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The New Haven school district has not completely reversed its ban. The district is allowing chocolate milk back into high school lunch periods only twice a week as part of a six-month pilot.

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Taking chocolate milk off the school menu can help reduce overall sugar intake in children, but likely at the cost of children having less milk, which contains protein and calcium, as one study of.