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Kubb. Kubb is a lawn game where players try to knock over wooden blocks with wooden sticks. It is played between two teams of 1-6 players. You play the game on a small rectangular playing ground. Players place five blocks (Kubbs) at either end. A larger wooden block known as the king gets put in the middle.

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Classic BBQ Games for Adults. Cornhole: One of our favorite BBQ party games for adults, Cornhole, goes by a few different names, depending on where you live or who you talk to. Regardless of what you call it, cornhole is a classic BBQ party game that is always a hit! Horseshoes: Horseshoes aren't just for horses; they are also a great part of.

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Ladder Golf. This one is my personal favorite for underrated tailgate games. Make a pair of ladders for this game with PVC pipe to toss and play until the sun goes down, then just pack it up and take it to the next BBQ. Or, you can buy a set from places like Walmart for under $40.

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But you know the food is only part of the fun. Having some entertainment and activities will take your barbecue from great to epic. This comprehensive guide covers the best games for a BBQ across all ages and group sizes. You'll discover classic backyard games, creative food-themed activities, competitive tournaments, and team building.

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Cornhole. Cornhole has become the go-to backyard game for the whole summer. If you are looking for fun BBQ games for adults, Cornhole is often the most popular and one of the most accessible. The board is a simple plank of wood extended upward at an angle with holes scattered around the board. The goal of the game is to either land bean bags on.

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Tic Tac Toe Yard Game. Any of these giant games are sure to be a hit - if only for their novelty value! 4. Fifteen Passes. If you've got a ball and plenty of space to play, this is one of the easiest physical BBQ party games you can play. Divide everyone into two teams and spread out across the yard.

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BBQ Beef, Pork, Chicken, and deliciousness! Blakes place offers this big bbq sandwich challenge! It was saucy and delicious ! It was a warm up for a nice Tex.

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Dominoes is a fun game to play, and lawn dominoes even moreso. The game is played just as you would regular dominoes, but uses a set of giant dominoes. 25. Backyard Croquet. Backyard croquet is an old-fashioned game that is perfect for the older members of your family at the BBQ. To set up this delightful game, you'll need precisely nine.

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5. Spike Ball. On Sale. Funsparks Spike Ball Game. $34.95 $25.00. Buy Now on Amazon Affiliate link / commissions earned ( read disclosure) Spike Ball is a great game to invest in if you have a pretty large backyard and are looking for an energetic game for your guests to work up an appetite.

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Cornhole. A classic BBQ party game is cornhole. You only need a cornhole set, some friends, and a little backyard space. This can be played one-on-one or in teams. The game is pretty simple: every sandbag that shoots through the hole is rewarded with 3 points, while each sandbag on the platform negates a point.

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Flip Cup is one of the most fun backyard BBQ party games. Players have to stand in two teams, facing each other across the table. Each player has to flip plastic cups on their top, with the next player repeating until one side finishes first. Oversized Chessboard Patio. Set up a giant chessboard for some friendly competition.

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Yard Pong. Turn your backyard into a beer pong table with the help of a yard pong set. This fun party game for adults uses buckets and a ball to create a full-sized pong game in your yard. (You could also use just plastic cups!) Continue Reading.

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BBQ Party Game #3: S'mores in a Bucket-. Place a line on the ground and line players up behind it. Place buckets about 10 feet away. Players have 1 minute to toss as many marshmallows into the bucket as they can. The player that gets the most in the bucket wins!

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8. Frisbee. Frisbee is super fun and an easy game to play, especially in your backyard! You can find outstanding quality frisbee discs individually or in a multi-pack to play at your next BBQ. If you're having trouble thinking up some good adult BBQ games and want something easy, frisbee is the way to go.

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Play a few rounds of this fun BBQ party game with friends and you'll be set to challenge even the best ladder golfers. TheGoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss Indoor/Outdoor Game Set is the perfect addition to any BBQ party. 4. Ring Toss Yard Game. Ring Toss Yard Game is harder than it looks but is worth a try.

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1. Cornhole. One of our favorite BBQ party games for adults, Cornhole, goes by a few different names, depending on where you live or who you talk to. Regardless of what you call it, cornhole is a classic BBQ party game that is always a hit! To play, you will just need a cornhole set, a few friends, and some space in your backyard.