Cardboard Gingerbread House Ornament Messy Little Monster

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2. Cut the gingerbread houses out. After the houses are all colored and decorated, cut the two pieces out on the solid lines. Be sure not to cut off the tabs that say "Fold and glue". 3. Fold the paper houses. First, fold the main house piece on the vertical lines to form a 3D square shape.

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Decorate it as you wish and allow it dry. 6. Fold the roof in half along the center line of the template. 7. Apply glue and attach your roof to the top of the house. 8. Cut an assortment of white and colored Styrofoam balls in half. 9. Decorate your gingerbread house craft with the half balls that look just like candy!

Paper Gingerbread House (template included) Messy Little Monster

Fun and easy to make Paper Gingerbread House Craft for Kids - A lovely craftivity to try with the kids' this Christmas! Our Paper Gingerbread house craft is easy for kids to make and with all the printable customizable elements, they can made a colorful and fun looking gingerbread house of their very own. It's a fab craft for a wintery afternoon and a lovely alternative to baking one.

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STEP 2 - Add gingerbread house details. Grab the printable template from the bottom of the page and use it to trace the details for your gingerbread house onto colored craft paper as shown below. Alternatively, you may like to draw your own shapes. Glue each shape of your template onto the paper bag and allow the glue to dry.

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The Gingerbread house template comes with two options: -Option 1 : print patterns directly on colored paper. -Option 2: trace patterns on colored paper. This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Cardboard Gingerbread House Ornament Messy Little Monster

Use the templates to cut the dough. Place the template on top of the dough and using a sharp knife, trace them. Be mindful that it is easy for the paper to stick to the dough. You can make templates out of parchment paper or sprinkle a little flour between the dough and the paper. (See my post gingerbread house recipe for more tips and tricks.)

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Step-by-Step Instructions for the Paper Gingerbread House. Step 1: Choose the shape for the house. There are two different sizes on the template—choose the one you want. Trace the outline on brown cardstock, and cut it out. Step 2: Cut out the piece for the roof.

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Time to prepare your template pieces! Trace and cut out each piece. Use cardboard for the gingerbread man and white paper for the gingerbread house roof shape. Then fold green paper in half and cut out half a tree shape for the trees, open them to create symmetrical trees. Cut a window shape from your blue paper.

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Cut out the house and roof template pieces. 3. Paint the house borders, a door, and windows on the front of the house using craft paint. Allow the paint to dry. 4. Fold the house cut out. Follow the lines inside the house template pattern for folding it. 5. Apply glue along the thin part of the house pattern.

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Take the end of a gingerbread house (one of the pointed end pieces) and pipe a thick line of icing along the bottom. 10. Set it on your board where you want it to be and use tin cans to help support it. 11. Pipe a thick line of icing on three sides (two short and one long side) of a side wall piece of the house. 12.

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Print the gingerbread house template. STEP 2. Use colored markers or watercolors to decorate your gingerbread house. STEP 3. Use scissors to cut out the house and the roof. STEP 4. Fold the tabs inwards. STEP 5. Fold the house together, and tape the edges and roof on.

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Step 1: Lay the paper bag so that the flap is facing up. (see above) Step 2: Fold down the corners at the top until they meet in the center and use a bit of low tack tape that can easily be removed to keep them in place. Step 3: Flip the bag over and start drawing the gingerbread house. Begin with the larger sections, such as the door, windows.

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• The free printable gingerbread template (fits letter size or A4 paper) - download PDF or download JPEG • Scissors • Glue • Colors (markers / crayons / colored pencils) Step 1: Print out and color the printable gingerbread house template. Step 2: Cut out all the parts of the gingerbread house.

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Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Cover a flat surface, like your kitchen counter with parchment paper and sprinkle lightly with flour. Roll out dough to an even 1/4 inch thickness. Use the cardboard or paper gingerbread house template pieces to cut out shapes from the dough. Place the gingerbread house pieces on cookie sheets.

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How to Make a Paper Bag Gingerbread House. Cut out a rectangular piece from brown paper. Mine was 8.5 inches X 5 inches. Keeping 0.5 inches intact on either open ends of the brown paper, fold the 8 inches into half. Fold the 0.5 inch towards the inside and stick it with the other open end of the folded paper.

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3. Cut out the template. You will also need to cut a little extra slit on the sides of the roof so you can fold this part down completely. 4. Fold along the dotted lines. The outside dotted lines are where the glue goes. 5. Glue the house together. Start with the sides of the house and do the roof last.