AntiRacist Structuralists and NonRacist Culturalists

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In America, Thanksgiving is a celebration rooted in colonialism, sugarcoating the bloody interactions between pilgrims and indigenous people. In Canada, it has nothing to do with pilgrims. We sugarcoat our colonial history on other days, like Canada Day and Sir John A. McDonald Day, which celebrates our first and most racist prime minister.

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The first official, annual Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated on 6 November 1879, though Indigenous peoples in Canada have a history of celebrating the fall harvest that predates the arrival of European settlers. Sir Martin Frobisher and his crew are credited as the first Europeans to celebrate a Thanksgiving ceremony in North America, in 1578. They were followed by the inhabitants of New.

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By Michael Coard. Exactly 400 years ago on Nov. 9, 1621 (or as early as Sept. 21 as some scholars believe) in Plymouth, Mass., Pilgrims from England supposedly celebrated their first so-called Thanksgiving feast with the Wampanoag Nation a year after their arrival on the land of those indigenous red people. Michael Coard (Twitter) Tragically.

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Instead of referring to the holiday as Thanksgiving, some, like Ms Smith, recognise 24 November as National Day of Mourning. It has been celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts every year since 1970.

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The first official mention of a "Thanksgiving" celebration occurs in 1637, after the colonists brutally massacre an entire Pequot village, then subsequently celebrate their barbaric victory.

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WARNING: This story contains details readers might find distressing. With the Thanksgiving long weekend upon us, this year on the heels of the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, CBC Windsor spoke to these Indigenous educators in Ontario about what the holiday means to them: Theresa Sims, the elder and cultural language specialist at Ska:na Family Learning Centre in Windsor.


Here is how Canada celebrates their big holiday as well as four ways that the Canadian and U.S. Thanksgivings differ. 1. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October—and on a Monday. That's right! Canadian Thanksgiving happens a full month and a half before American Thanksgiving, on the second Monday in October ( Monday, October 9, 2023 ).

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Thanksgiving is celebrated every last Thursday in November in America, but there are racist origins to the holiday. The origins of Thanksgiving run deep in American culture, making it an established and fortified holiday. More than 100 million people shop in person on Thanksgiving. Approximately 46 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving.

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When we take from the land, she said, we should also give back — through growing, recycling, composting and replanting. Cooking the same dishes for Thanksgiving each year also leads to mass.

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24. By David J. Silverman. Dr. Silverman is a historian. Generations of Americans have told themselves a patriotic story of the supposed first Thanksgiving that misrepresents colonization as.

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Thanksgiving's racism highlights the need for change. Source: Pixabay. Maida Suta, ReporterNovember 19, 2021. Thanksgiving is a holiday with a tumultuous history that must change. From its contribution to historical revisionism to the reinforcement of stereotypes, Thanksgiving has multiple fundamentally problematic elements.

AntiRacist Structuralists and NonRacist Culturalists

As I wrap up the preparations for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast, the clock ticks away, and the night stretches on. It's late, much later than expected, and the weight of today's encounter.

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So each November, when Thanksgiving approaches, you may wonder exactly why Thanksgiving is bad. Not only is Thanksgiving offensive to Indigenous people, but it glorifies colonialism, slavery, and even epidemics. Many Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving have no idea just how cruel the holiday's origins are, while those who do may choose to.

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There's no department store-sponsored parade broadcast nationwide in Canada, but there is the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade. The German beerfest is televised on CTV with.

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Thanksgiving is an opportinity to also go beyond the harmful "pilgrims and Indians" narrative and focus on common values: generosity, gratitude, and community. 1. Learn the Real History. Thanksgiving, like Columbus Day, serves as a reminder of the genocide and violence Native communities experienced and continue to experience.

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As we enter this holiday season, this resource is intended to support educators and families as we address the true story of Thanksgiving. This guide provides resources that range from lesson plans to narratives that uplift the perspectives and contributions of the Native American community. This document, compiled by Center for Racial Justice.