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Mars Seedless Grape loves and thrives growing on hot summer days. This seedless grape is a vigorous grower that produces high yields of medium-sized slip-skin grapes. Slip skin grapes are grapes whose skin easily peels from the flesh, making these grapes great for making wine. The flavor of Mars grapes is similar to that of Concord.

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The Mars seedless grape is a cultivar of grape that has medium clusters and thick skin. The color of this grape is blue and it grows in hot and dry areas in hot summers. [1] This type of grape is a pest-resistant species and has a taste similar to Concord grape. The Mars grape, which is part of the seedless grape species, is cultivated for.

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'Mars' is a reddish-blue colored, seedless grape with a foxy flavor (a flavor often associated with Vitis labrusca grapes). Berries are medium in size and are slipskin. Skins are thick and fruit cracking is seldom a problem. Yields of 'Mars' can be 10 or more tons per acre. It is extremely cold hardy with a very vigorous growth habit.

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Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit! 'Mars' (Plant patent 5680), a release from the University of Arkansas, is a vigorous, blue seedless grape that tolerates hot, summer areas. 'Mars' Seedless withstands powdery mildew & black rot! The flavor is mild and delicious for fresh eating. The berries are slipskin (having a tough skin that separates.

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Grapes on an arbor add beauty to any landscape. This one is self-pollinating and ripens August-September. Space vines 8-10 ft. apart on a strong arbor, fence or trellis. U.S. Plant Patent #5680.. Grape, Mars Seedless. An improved Concord seedless. As low as $29.95. In stock. SKU. prod000519.

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Vitis 'Mars'. A blue seedless table grape with flavors similar to Concord. Mid-season maturity and very hardy with high vigor. Medium clusters with medium sized berries. Matures at 5 to 6 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet wide. USDA Z5 - Cold Hardy -20 to -10F. Category. Small Fruits. Breeder.

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Vitis labrusca x vinifera 'Mars' Prohibited to CA, OR and NY A blue, seedless, slipskin grape with an excellent Concord-like flavor that ripens in late September/early October in the PNW.. Mars grapes arrived and and are budding already even with cool weather, thanks Mike Peterson. RAINTREE NURSERY 408 Butts Road, Morton, WA 98356. Phone.

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Mars Grape. $ 24.95. Mars Grape (Vitis labrusca) is a captivating vine that boasts juicy, blue-black grapes with a distinct flavor profile. This seedless variety is perfect for fresh consumption, and its vibrant hue makes it a favorite for vibrant fruit salads. Adaptable to various soil types, the Mars Grape is known for its cold-hardiness and.

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Vitis ( Mars Grape ) The grape is a deciduous vine that is used for fruit, wine and shade. A single grapevine produces enough new growth every year to roof an arbor, arch a walkway, or shade over a terrace or deck. To produce quality grapes, choose a variety that fits your climate, prune it regularly, and train it carefully.

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Cold-hardy, Vitis 'Mars Seedless' is a vigorous seedless grape variety that produces medium-sized, compact clusters of dark blue grapes in late summer and early fall. Firm and sweet, the grapes are slipskin (having a tough skin that separates readily from the pulpy flesh), juicy, nicely flavored, and perfect for eating, jams, jellies, wine, and juice.

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To grow Son of Mars Grapes in your homestead vineyard, prepare the soil by ensuring it has good drainage and a pH level between 5.5 to 6.5; plant the grapevines during early spring or fall using trellises for support; prune regularly to ensure ample light penetration and airflow while also removing diseased parts or excess buds to promote fruit.

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Mars grape vines (Vitis "Mars") produce seedless blue or purple grapes that are juicy and sweet. Grapes along the "Mars" vine form in large clusters and are thick skinned and easy to peel. Care for the vines is a bit easier than other varieties, since they are resistant to some diseases, cold hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant.

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Mars Seedless grape vines grow quickly and get quite heavy. Spring planting is recommended to give the young vines the most time to get established before their first winter. Each vine needs about 6 feet of space. To harvest, clip full clusters off the vine with pruning shears or heavy scissors. Handle clusters carefully; remove any discolored.

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The Mars seedless grape is a cultivar of grape that has medium clusters and thick skin. The color of this grape is blue and it grows in hot and dry areas in hot summers. Wikiwand is the world's leading Wikipedia reader for web and mobile.

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Description. Everything you've always wanted in a blue grape - and more! From the folks who gave you Venus and Reliance, now we have a seedless with the same unbeatable flavor on the most disease-resistant vines. High yield - usually produces first year after planting. Ripens mid-August.