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Gratify in the creamy scent of Vanilla featuring scents of jasmine, fresh apples, and white musks. Initial spray lets you smell a hint of fruity scent just like Victoria's Secret. As the scent stays on the skin, it smells similar to the Bare Vanilla of Victoria's Secret. Body Fantasies is only Php 199 compared to Victoria's Secret of Php 850-1000.

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Foundation. Nars Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation. $49. Sephora. L'Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Foundation. $16. Ulta Beauty. Nars Light Reflecting Foundation gives you a natural.

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Bare by Victoria's Secret is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Bare was launched in 2022. Bare was created by Nathalie Benareau and Carlos Viñals. "This fragrance becomes you. Authentic and true, Bare mixes with your unique body chemistry to reveal the perfect signature scent. Created with a proprietary blend of.


10. Bare Vanilla Noir by BBW. Dive into the allure of Bare Vanilla Noir by Victoria's Secret, a captivating fragrance that marries the sweetness of vanilla with the crispness of pear. This delightful scent offers a warm and fruity experience, creating an olfactory journey that is both enticing and sophisticated.

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Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray. $65 at Amazon. Keep scrolling for all of the best vanilla perfumes, from spicy-sweet takes on vanilla, to fresh and floral variations. Truly, I've got an.

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Here are the fragrance notes to compare them all: What's in the Kayali Vanilla 28 - Fragrance notes: Vanilla Orchid, Tonka Absolute, Amber Woods, Musk, Brown Sugar. What's in the Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Mist (Bare Vanilla): Fragrance notes: Whipped vanilla. Soft cashmere. #4.

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Today I went into my VS and bought 2 sets of the Bare Vanilla Crystal fragrance mist and the body cream for $4.99 each. I'm not sure the difference between Bare Vanilla and the Crystal version, but it smelled great. Ty!! Andersontimestoo. • 2 yr. ago. That is such a huge compliment that you actually went and got it!

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The perfect dupe for Eilish No2 it smells identical!! singlehandedbeauty 08/30/23 13:15. It's been a hot minute since I purchased a VS fragrance product but Bare Vanilla Dacadent is the perfect base for my woody vanilla scents. The vanilla starts borderline syrupy but the amber, which is reminiscent of the amber in Baccarat Rouge, balances out.

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It has a yellow to orange gradient of lacy flowers on the bottle. Anyone know of any similar dupes? It's one of my favorite scents ever and I'm just looking for something close enough to buy! Different from just their Bare Vanilla scent. The description on the bottle simply says "Golden amber. A Bare Vanilla bouquet." thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately Victoria Secret has, yup, discontinued it again! Replaced with the less divine Bare Vanilla (in my opinion). Luckily one can still find dupe oils of Vanilla Lace, thank God. No butter notes, no cake frosting or cake itself, just a pudding like, musky, sexy Vanilla.

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85% match. with the ingredients and function of Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Fragrance Mist. 100% Attribute Match. 76% Ingredient Match.

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It is quite similar to Vanilla 28, but i wouldn't say that it is a dupe for it, Bare Vanilla isn't that smoky and woody as Kayali's, but it is a very good alternative for it! Only one problem, it doesn't last at all(( Bare Vanilla OG lasts way longer. vnoxnoctis 12/14/23 20:38.

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Welcome to our complete breakdown of the top 50 Victoria's Secret dupes and alternatives that we've found. If you're searching for dupes of a specific Victoria's Secret product. with the ingredients and function of Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Fragrance Mist 100% Attribute Match 68% Ingredient Match Dupe Explained

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Bare Vanilla is basically just vanilla and cashmere. It has this bit of smokiness to it that is so warm and indulging and sets it apart from the traditional, light-hearted vanilla scents, but isn't quite like MMM By the Fireplace, either.. I have an oil roll on dupe of pink sugar, and a small edt of pink sugar. I notice the oil roll on.

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Eos Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion - vanilla bakery type scent (imo) Sol De Janeiro Bumbum Cream - coconut scent. Sol De Janeiro '62 Body Mist - smells exactly like the bumbum cream. Sol De Janeiro '71 Body Mist - Best caramel scent I have ever smelled. Also smells like a toasted vanilla and macadamia.

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Sort by: Just-College1491. • 2 yr. ago. Good girl by Carolina Herera it's similar with cashmere as a basic note just like Bare vanilla. 5. OpheliaSummers. • 2 yr. ago. Try using their bare vanilla lotion alone or under the body spray it lasts all day long. r/Perfumes.